Accurate and comprehensive measure building surveys

At Mictec Ltd we are dedicated to providing accurate and comprehensive measure building surveys including 2D elevation and floor plans, ceiling plans, 3D modeling and laser scanning of the site, soft and hard copies of the drawings and much more. We have a team of highly experienced project managers and surveyors that are always there to help you out with your projects across London. Our measured building surveys provide our clients with a detailed view of their construction.

Customer’s satisfaction our utmost responsibility
No project is big or small for us, we have a history of handling complicated as well as simple projects. We are a team of fully trained surveyors that use the latest technology to ensure high precision in every survey. We go to great lengths to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. We offer free no obligation quotations as we are always looking to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our valuable customers. Our team aims to provide a friendly service where the needs of the client always come first. We ensure that every detail provided by the client is paid attention and that the job is done on time. Think big knowing that we have the team that aims to bring all of your home ideas to life! We have years of expertise in providing fast, reliable, and high-quality services to our valuable customers.

Transparent and Hassle-free services
We ensure that a project manager assists you during your project until it is complete so that all of your queries are solved. Creating a model that is exactly according to our client’s requirements and specifications is our utmost responsibility. Our mission is to be transparent and honest with our clients, therefore, we do not have any hidden extras for any of our services. If you want any amendments in the model proposed by our team, they can be instantly made so that the projects continue moving without any hassle.

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Our mission is to bring to you affordable, accessible and efficient surveying services. If you have any questions or you want an error-free survey, fill out the form on our website or call us at Mictec Ltd and our experts will be highly pleased to help you out!