Precise and Accurate Topographical Surveys in London

Mictec Ltd specialises in providing high-quality topographical surveys that are prepared according to the client’s tailored specifications. At Mictec Ltd, we pride ourselves for providing accurate, efficient and on-time surveys. A topographical survey is the measurement of a natural and/or manmade features and their spatial relationships. The amount of details that we include in a topographical survey depends on the client’s requirements. We use advanced survey instruments to make accurate surveys for our clients.

We provide topographical surveys and measured building surveys for floors, elevations, section plans and much more throughout London. Once we are done with the collection of survey data, the data is then processed and subjected to rigorous checking. When our team is fully satisfied that we have clean data, we head to construct a CAD drawing. A CAD drawing is then thoroughly edited to create a drawing that contains the maximum amount of information conveyed clearly and unambiguously.

Advanced Technology and Best Methods
We aim to offer these services using the latest technology and the best methods to ensure a high standard of work. The Mictec Ltd topographical surveys are used for a variety of purposes and provide a birds-eye view of a site. Topographical surveys involve the production of plans and maps that are true to scale. The maps exactly represent details of both the natural and built environments.

Topographical surveys can record the condition of buildings for conservation or historical records. It can detail surfaces & topography for engineering works and record the condition of projects at different stages making an accurate record of a building for quality control and certification purposes.

Efficient and Cost-effective Surveys
We are highly inspired to provide our customers with the most efficient and cost-effective plans and layouts. Incase our valuable users do not find a plan suitable to their expectation, they can get their drawings made from scratch which meets their requirements. You can always contact us to get your queries and issues resolved, we’ll be highly pleased to help you out. You can obtain a free quotation for your project by either calling our friendly and competent team on the contact number provided or by clicking below to email us.