Our Land Survey Service offers accurate mapping, well-defined plans, and precise specification of your site located in London or within the surrounding areas.

From inception to final delivery, our surveys can be provided in a variety
of formats and will certainly add
value to your project.
We work diligently to produce an accurate representation and a precise topographical profile of the area of interest. The final topography survey will include a grid of ground levels and surfaces, tree positions, boundary details and any existing buildings and other structures on-site, as well as drainage and other services located under and overground.

With our years of experience, the expertise, the know-how, and specialist equipment operated by skilled surveyors, you can rest assured that working with us will result in delivering efficient and cost-effective topographical survey, on a timely manner and to the agreed budget.

Shall you require more information on the services we provide or if you would like to discuss your project in more detail, please contact our friendly team on 020 3015 6669 or email us here.
Why choose us?
  • Dynamic team of experienced technicians and surveyors based in London.
  • Independent advice and consultancy on all aspects of surveying for private, business, and public sectors .
  • Floor plans, sections, and elevations are all undertaken using the latest reflectorless measuring equipment.
  • Plans can be further enhanced by adding services such as: Electrical - Power, Lighting, Data, Fire Alarms, Security, Sanitaryware, Furniture, Heating, Ventilation and more.

Maps produced to requested scale and format

We can produce and deliver a topographical survey in a variety of formats. The most popular among our clientele are AutoCAD drawings, PDFs, and paper copies. Shall you have a specific format requirement we would be happy to accommodate it.

Cutting edge equipment operated by skilled team

Our surveyors use Leica's latest Robotic Total Stations which enables us to provide the highest levels of accuracy and speed while maintaining a reasonable level of costs. For more complex and larger projects we use GPS with post-processsing and UAV.

Great detail and accuracy for quality control

Whatever the plan, with the land surveys undertaken by our team, you can design your project with confidence. The accuracy and high level of details will considerably minimise any mistakes usually caused by unexpected issues.

Tailored services to suit the customer.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, we tailor our services to exactly match project requirements. From private gardens to country estates and city centre developments, we keep our surveys as cost-effective as possible.
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Well-defined and accurate mapping

The topographical surveys of Mictec Ltd show a range of features on your development of the site including its boundaries, site levels, elevations, utility trace, floor plans and much more. Our survey is presented in the CAD format. We are fully insured and have a large portfolio of handling big as well as small projects in history. The highly experienced and friendly team at Mictec Ltd aims to provide well-defined and accurate mapping of the land, showing all of the physical features of the land and ensures that there are no loopholes in the mapping.

We understand that some of our clients have their specifications that they want to be incorporated in their survey and in these instances, the team at Mictec Ltd is always happy and welcoming to hear the instructions on your requirements. We deliver the highest standards of topographical surveys no matter what the project size, customer requirement or location is.
Topographical Surveys in London
Topographical Surveyors in London

Efficient and cost-effective

Our simulation-driven designs enable cost savings by reducing material usage, re-design iterations, and the overall time is taken to complete the design. In our topographical survey, we pay attention to every detail provided by the customer to create something which is exactly according to their vision. Mictec Ltd is known for providing efficient and cost-effective services to its valuable customers in London for years.

We offer flexible service as we understand that every client has different requirements and character. One of our team members assists you throughout the process to clear out your queries if you have any and to briefly explain each step of the survey. We use AutoCAD to produce detailed plans of the built and natural environment relative to land co-ordinates. Our survey includes information such as levels, site features, cross-sections and much more. With all of our projects, we are adaptable to each client’s request, budget and time!