and Precise
The surveys we provide are undertaken by experienced and knowledgeable technicians and surveyors whose expertise and competence encompasses various types of assignments.
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and Precise

The surveys we provide are undertaken
by experienced and knowledgeable
technicians and surveyors whose expertise
and competence encompasses various
types of assignments.

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about Mictec copmany


and Efficient

From residential home plans to large
department stores and academic buildings,
our team ensures you receive accurate and
clearly annotated surveys thvat add value
to your project.

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about Mictec copmany


with Confidence

We work diligently to deliver accuracy
and high level of details and to considerably
minimise any mistakes and maintain
a reasonable level of costs.

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Measured Building Surveys in london

Regardless of the size and complexity of the premises, all Measured Building Surveys start with an initial structure assessment so we can apply the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

Using state-of-the-art technology such as laser scanning and reflectorless total stations, our talented team can produce surveys of any sensitive details and inaccessible areas in order to deliver the most accurate data of the facades, floor plans, elevations, cross sections and reflected ceiling plans.

We are also able to provide additional and supporting surveys such as Electrical - Power, Lighting, Data, Fire Alarms, Security, Sanitaryware, Furniture, Heating, Ventilation and more, all produced to an appropriate scale and format, as per your exact requirements.

Topographical Surveys in london

Our team can swiftly measure and deliver precise land surveys and produce maps that are true representation of all the natural and man-build features, including site levels and contours as well as manholes and services both underground and overhead.

Starting your construction project with a thorough Topographical Survey ensures peace of mind along the way, as it minimises any possible and unpredicted errors and simplifies any additional measurements.

Usually required by architects, engineers and a planning department, a land survey can detail a project at its various stages, providing valuable data for building quality control and give detailed representation of natural environment. Depending on individual project, we can incorporate as much detail as requested.

CAD Drawing Services in london

Our CAD Draughting Services are tailored exactly to your specific requirements, providing professional plan drawing and conversion services for developments of all sizes and complexity.

We only work with the latest software and our experienced team ensures all your plans are produced accurately and with adherence to British building standards and legislation, including proper format, scale and orientation.

Our diverse CAD Drafting Portfolio includes various projects within different industries delivered for architects, surveyors, property developers and individual customers across London and throughout the UK. Whether you need a measured building survey, a land survey or any other type of CAD drafting service, don't hesitate to contact our skilled and experienced team. We offer unrivalled service at competitive prices.
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Accurate and comprehensive measure building surveys

At Mictec Ltd we are dedicated to providing accurate and comprehensive measure building surveys including 2D elevation and floor plans, ceiling plans, 3D modeling and laser scanning of the site, soft and hard copies of the drawings and much more.

We have a team of highly experienced project managers and surveyors that are always there to help you out with your projects across London.

Measured Building Surveys in London

Mictec Ltd has a wealth of experience in providing its clients with the best Measured Building Surveys in London. We have a highly qualified and skilled team of Project Managers and Surveyors to provide you 2D floor and elevation plans, 3D Laser scanning of the site, 3D modeling of the site, digital and hard copies of drawings and documentation and much more.

No matter how large or complex your site is, we assure that we provide the most efficient and cost-effective services to you.