Best and Accurate CAD Services in London

Mictec Ltd is the leading CAD services provider in London with years of experience and great knowledge in the field to provide a range of computer-aided design (CAD) services. Based in London we offer 2D, 3D as well as 4D CAD services. Our bespoke CAD solutions give you flexibility and full control over your workflow.

You can make alterations anytime during the designing process.

Accurate and Precise Measured Building Surveys

Mictec Ltd is a Land Survey company that offers fast and affordable measured building surveys, topographical surveys, 3D laser scanning, and utility mapping.

We shave a matured reputation in the market and we have successfully completed over a thousand of projects covering surveys for residential, commercial, rail and many other sector constructions.

CAD Services; providing you with the best modern skirting boards

May it be a technical, intricate layout for residential buildings or a commercial design our AutoCAD services will prove to be your go-to. From helping you with urban planning or just land surveys, we excel in what we do!

Computer-Aided Design often known as CAD is a computer technology that helps architects, engineers, drafters and artists to draw technical illustrations & precision drawings.

Are you looking for service of building survey in London?

Our dedicated team will take it from there and leave you with the amazing work in the end which had been hoping for. In short, if you are looking for service of building survey in London, then Mictec is your best available solution as we assure that when you leave, you will be more than satisfied with the job being done by our team of multiple experts.

The dedicated and experienced team will always be at a phone call away to help the clients taking them one step closer to their dream building and how they are going to make it happen.

Accurate and comprehensive measure building surveys

At Mictec Ltd we are dedicated to providing accurate and comprehensive measure building surveys including 2D elevation and floor plans, ceiling plans, 3D modeling and laser scanning of the site, soft and hard copies of the drawings and much more.

We have a team of highly experienced project managers and surveyors that are always there to help you out with your projects across London.

Measured Building Surveys in London

Mictec Ltd has a wealth of experience in providing its clients with the best Measured Building Surveys in London. We have a highly qualified and skilled team of Project Managers and Surveyors to provide you 2D floor and elevation plans, 3D Laser scanning of the site, 3D modeling of the site, digital and hard copies of drawings and documentation and much more.

No matter how large or complex your site is, we assure that we provide the most efficient and cost-effective services to you.

Best CAD Services Provider in London

Looking for quality AutoCAD services? Don’t worry, Mictec has got you covered. Providing versatile, swift and cost-effective CAD services is the responsibility and obligation for us.

Along with providing the cream of crop architects, designers, and engineers to our clients, we use the latest software for draughting residential and commercial building layouts.

Moreover, our brilliance in the layouts for land surveys and urban planning is also well known.

Create Floor Plans and More with Topographical Surveys

Whether you are looking to get a topographical survey of your home or business, you will want to make sure to use a professional survey company in London. Mictec uses state-of-the-art technology and the talented team to produce the surveys that you need, including detailed floor plans.

It’s not uncommon to lack a floorplan, especially if you have made recent upgrades or you have purchased the property without having a floorplan given to you.